How can I advertise on your screen?

Classic Cinemas accepts on-screen advertising as part of its entertainment before the movie begins. For more information about on-screen or in-theatre advertising, visit Screenvision, email chicagosales@screenvision.com, or call 1-800-724-MOVIE.

Why can't I use my coupon or pass for new movies?

The film companies restrict us from accepting coupons or passes the first two weeks a film is widely released. In some cases, it can be up to the first four weeks.

Why aren't you playing a particular movie?

Film companies decide whether to give our theatres a print of their movie based on a number of factors. We are also limited by the number of screens we have.

What do movie ratings mean?

Please refer to our Ratings Policy for complete descriptions of each of the movie ratings.

What is Classic Rewards?

Classic Rewards is a FREE rewards program where you can earn points by purchasing tickets and concessions. Points can be used towards concessions and movie tickets without restrictions. As an added bonus, members will receive special offers and updates for their favorite Classic Cinemas theatre(s). See terms and conditions.

How do I get a physical Classic Rewards card?

Once you join online, a physical card is really no longer needed. You are assigned a virtual card number and a QR code. This way you never have to worry about losing or forgetting to bring your card with you. When purchasing online, just log into your account and points are added automatically. When making in-theatre purchases, just show your QR code to the employee and again points are added automatically. However, if you'd still like a physical rewards card, the theatre can assist in providing you one.

How many points do I need to get something?

You can use your points for Free Tickets without restrictions or Free Concessions. Our staff members will let you know when you have enough points to pay for your transaction. (Examples: 350 points = Twizzler, 500 points = $5.00 Tuesday bargain movie ticket, 600 points = Small Popcorn, 900 points = $9.00 movie ticket). (Point values are as of 7/25/2022 and are subject to change at any time.)

Can I sign up for Classic Rewards without an email address?

No, each member needs to have a unique email address in order to sign up for Classic Rewards and receive benefits.

Where can I check how many points I have?

You can check your points through your online profile. You can also ask any staff member at the theatre to check your balance or check your ticket stubs and receipts for your point total. Our staff members will let you know when you have enough points to pay for your transaction.

Can I use my gift card for pass restricted movies?

Yes. Gift cards are used like cash; therefore they can be used for pass restricted movies.

Do gift cards expire?

No, gift cards never expire because Classic Cinemas participates in the Illinois State Treasurer's EverCash gift certificate program.

In what denomination can I purchase gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased for any denomination between $10 to $100. Gift cards can be purchased at the theatre or online.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check your balance online here!

You can also visit any Classic Cinemas theatre and they will provide you with the balance.

What do you do with your old movie posters?

We are contractually obligated to destroy all movie posters once we are done with them, so we do not sell any posters used in our theatres.

How do I schedule group shows?

Please contact the theatre manager for information on scheduling and prices. For general information, please visit our Group Sales page for more information.

How do I schedule birthday parties?

Please contact the theatre manager for information or visit our Birthday Parties page for more information.

How can I rent a theatre?

Please contact Mike Schindler, mschindler@classiccinemas.com. For general information, please visit our Private Rentals page.

Why can't I bring my 5-year-old into an R rated film?

To help foster a distraction-free environment Classic Cinemas have adopted two new policies for R-rated movies:

Children under the age of 6 will no longer be permitted to R-rated features at any time even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We will require the applicable general admission ticket for ages 6-11 to all R-rated features. By eliminating the discounted child ticket we hope to further encourage a mature movie-going atmosphere for films that are geared to an older audience.

We struggled with this decision as our intent is not to dictate family values or determine what is appropriate for children. However, enough children become bored during R-rated features and subsequently disrupt fellow guests that we felt this change was necessary. We hope you see this as a small but positive step toward achieving a more enjoyable movie-going experience.

Why can't I bring outside food and beverage?

We are a for profit business which makes most of our profit from our concession items. Also, there are many hazards involved in food items we do not serve, such as hot coffee accidentally being spilled on other guests.

When does the theatre open?

Every Classic Cinemas theatre opens a half an hour before the first show of the day.

What is your cell phone policy?

All cell phones should be turned off when the movie is in progress. Even the light that comes on when you open your cell phone can be distracting to others during the film.

What is your costume policy?

Classic Cinemas' costume policy prohibits masks, face paint, and costume props using real or imitation weapons.

What is your policy on backpacks/large bags?

Backpacks and large bags may be subject to inspection prior to admission.

What is your 30-minute Money Back Guarantee?

We want you to have a great experience at Classic Cinemas. If you're not, will refund your admission up to 30-minutes after the start of the movie for any reason, including you just aren't enjoying the movie. Please note that online convenience fees are non-refundable.

Can I refund my tickets online?

Classic Reward members with online profiles can refund admission up until 30-minutes before showtime. Select your ticket in your profile and a refund option is available. Tickets for movies within 30-minutes should call their theatre.

Tickets purchased with credit cards will have the ticket price refunded to the original payment method. Tickets purchased with gift cards will have a new online gift card created. Online convenience fees are non-refundable.