What to Know Before You Go

We're proud our protocols exceed the CinemaSafe standards developed and supported by leading epidemiologists specifically for our industry. We will continue to update them based on the latest CDC and government recommendations.


Here’s what to expect when you visit:

Limited Seating

Auditorium capacity will be limited to at most 60% based on state guidelines. Staggered showtimes will help eliminate lobby congestion.

Distance Between Groups

Two seats will automatically be inserted between your party and other guests when reserving seats.

We recommend purchasing tickets online prior to arrival.

Auditoriums with luxury recliner seating:

Rows are already more than six feet apart.

Auditoriums with our standard seating:

Every other row is blocked off in addition to the two seats automatically inserted between parties. 

Improved Air Quality

COVID-19 is primarily an airborne virus, so we have increased the fresh air intake of our HVAC systems 50% to 100%. Each auditorium has its own HVAC unit, which studies show can fully circulate air at least every 20 minutes. We have transitioned from commercial grade air filters up three levels to trap over 95% of particles. Our vacuums have always used HEPA filters that trap at least 99.7 percent of microscopic particles.

Vigilant Sanitation

Showtimes are staggered with longer intermissions so we can disinfect seats after every showtime. We have increased cleaning procedures and dedicated staff members focused on the task. Hand sanitizer is also available for guests.

Employee Health Training

Employees have been trained to meet the demands of our heightened safety environment. In addition, all staff must pass a health and temperature screening prior to their shift. They wear masks and gloves throughout their shift.


Please be considerate of our employees and other guests. Follow these requirements:

Stay home if you or others around you have been sick. We'll gladly refund your ticket(s).
You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth except for the limited time you are enjoying concessions in the auditorium.
Follow posted signs and physical distancing markings.
Consider purchasing tickets online.
Use touch-free payment in the theatre when possible


As with other public areas, we ask that guests practice common safety procedures. Stay home if you or others around you have been sick. Consider purchasing tickets online before arriving. Wear a mask except for the limited time you are enjoying concessions in the auditorium. Follow posted signs and physical distance markings. Use touch-free payment in theatre when possible
Yes, employees will be wearing masks and gloves.
Yes, guests are required to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth except for the limited time they are enjoying concessions in the auditorium. If you need to leave your seat, including at the conclusion of the movie, please put your mask on before doing so.
Yes, we will still provide free refills, but we'll need to give you a new container each time. Provide your receipt and we'll be happy to help you with your refill.
If someone is not wearing a mask, please let us know and we will resolve the situation.
Seating is reserved so we can enforce physical distancing, but if someone does sit too close to you, or if you would like to move for any reason, please let us know, and we can change your seat.
We will accept passes and coupons that expired during our temporary closure through June 30, 2021.