Group Show Information

Option A
Come to a current movie at a regularly scheduled time as a group.  Movies are open to the general public but we can reserve a section of seats for your group.  (Most theatres run matinees daily.) Please contact the theatre for more information.

Option B
Morning showing of a current feature can be reserved outside regular operating hours, i.e. starting between 9:00 and 10:00 am and ending prior to noon any weekday, Saturday or Sunday. Most films play Friday through the following Thursday. Please contact the theatre for more information.

Option C /handled thru corporate office* only.
Special showing of selected classic or feature film can be reserved outside regular operating hours, i.e. starting between 9:00 and 10:00 am and ending prior to noon any day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights are not available; however Sunday through Thursday nights could be arranged at an additional fee.

Option C requires a non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve the date. A list of films will be provided based upon the type or category of film desired. We need two to three weeks prior to date of show to book a film.

*For further information regarding upcoming films, for a list of films available for special shows, or to reserve a date and time, contact Mike Schindler at


What's a movie without popcorn and a drink? We always like to offer concessions: popcorn, soft drinks and candy to go with the movie. Two Concession Packages are available for groups (Please contact the theatre for prices):

Kiddie Combo: Tray of popcorn, soft drink & fruit snack

Manager's Combo: 44oz popcorn and 22oz soft drink

Plus FREE refills for popcorn, soft drinks (fountain) and ICEE™!


A Classic Cinemas theatre is an excellent place to host a meeting or special event.  All auditoriums are equipped with DVD video presentation capabilities. You can bring in your laptop computer and have your PowerPoint presentation on the big screen.  All auditoriums are also equipped for the use of a wireless microphone and can provide one for your use. (Additional microphones will need to be rented.)

Auditoriums are available during the morning for a 3 hour period from 9:00 AM until noon.  If an afternoon or evening event is preferred, there would be an additional cost to "buy out" an auditorium/movie.

To ensure all your equipment will work properly, we request you set up an appointment for a trial run with our General Manager. Bring all of your equipment and the media you plan to use for your presentation.  We want to make sure all computer connections, DVDs, etc., are working properly and everything is ready to go.

No outside food or beverages are permitted without approval from Classic Cinemas. We can provide any of the items sold at our concession counter. For morning meetings, you may have coffee and rolls catered in.

We require a written agreement and a non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve your date.

For further information, please contact Mike Schindler at

Equipment Requirements

Digital Projector:
IBM-compatible computers, including laptops, up to 1024 x 768 resolution. (Capabilities vary by location.)
Apple, Macintosh and PowerBook computers up to 1024 x 768 resolution.  (Capabilities vary by location.)
DVD players, satellite TV tuners or other AV equipment using any of the worldwide video standards, including NTSC, NTSCA4, 43, PAL, SECAM and PAL-M.
(Note: Your computer must have an external VGA connector or you must provide a VGA Adapter.)

Theatre Sound:
Sound from your computer/laptop will not be accessible during your presentation.

Media Player
If you are bringing your own DVD equipment, please remember to provide a cord to connect with our equipment (short cord - 6ft. -for use in the projection booth.)

Classic Rewards