Classic Rewards Terms & Conditions

Classic Rewards is open to anyone age 13 or older. (Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
Classic Rewards members receive 5 points for every dollar they spend.
Classic Rewards points have no cash value.
We can only issue one Classic Rewards card/account per email address.


Points are earned when a purchase is made for tickets and concessions at participating Classic Cinemas locations.
To receive Classic Reward points, you MUST present your Classic Rewards card to the cashier when purchasing items at the box office or concession counter.
Points can only be redeemed if you have enough points to cover entire sales amount.
To redeem points, your Classic Rewards must be presented.
Points can not be added after the transaction is completed.
Points are earned when purchasing tickets online through Points cannot be earned through third-party ticket sites like Fandango. 
Reel Money Gift Cards can not be purchased with Classic Reward points.
Discounted rentals or groups may not receive points for their transactions.
Classic Rewards points can be checked on-line or at any Classic Cinemas theatre.
Classic Rewards points will expire after 12 months of nonuse of the card.
Only one Classic Rewards card can be redeemed per transaction. 
Points can not be split between multiple cards and cards can only be used by the person registered to the card.
Points are not earned for admissions obtained by redeeming complimentary passes.
Points are only earned when cash or a credit card is tendered.
Classic Rewards members have the right to end their membership at any time. If you would like to be removed from the program, please email your name and card number to


Classic Rewards points cannot be earned or used to purchase alcohol. 


Classic Cinemas management reserves the right to cancel points for any reason.
Tivoli Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the program and/or rewards structure at any time without any liability to members.

Classic Rewards