Theatre History (Elk Grove Theatre)

Elk Grove ExteriorThe Elk Grove Theatre originally opened in 1972 as a 500-seat single screen Jerry Lewis theatre. After a few years of operation, the theatre was closed, and for many years it was used for storage. Its condition deteriorated, leaving an empty building without seats, screen or projection equipment. 

Elk Grove SeatsIn 1986 an Elk Grove Village resident called WGN radio personality Roy Leonard to complain that there were no theatres operating in the village and couldn't Classic Cinemas come and take over their closed theatre. There was a substantial amount of work to be done, but having already accomplished many theatre reconstructions, Classic Cinemas rose to the challenge. Work included creating two auditoriums from the old one, installing new screens and seats, expanding the projection booth, building an all-new concession counter, installing a new marquee, and painting the interior and exterior of the building. The Elk Grove Theatre re-opened April 17, 1987. 

Ten years later, on July 30, 1997, as a part of the redevelopment of the Elk Grove Village Town Center, Classic Cinemas bought the theatre. Less than one month later, construction began with the goal of adding four more auditoriums and creating a theatre with the latest amenities. The new addition opened in April 1998. Elk Grove Concession StandThe theatre featured a soaring lobby, complete with chandeliers, which is overlooked by a party room. Each of its then six auditoriums had a state-of-the-art sound system with
Dolby Digital and SDDS sound processing and HPS 4000 Digital Surround Sound. Each auditorium also had listening systems for the hearing impaired.


In 2003, the lobby concession area was expanded by 50 percent with all new Corian countertops and a self-serve beverage station to enhance customer service.

The Elk Grove Theatre was the first in the country to install the Kodak Digital Cinema System. The System provided a much sharper screen image than conventional 35mm film and maintained pristine picture clarity whether the first showing or the 1000th. It produced nearly twice the picture quality of the current systems.

 In 2007 the Elk Grove Theatre expanded to include two more auditoriums with big screens, stadium seating, digital sound and two new, handicapped-accessible party rooms!  In 2008 3D was added to the 3 Digital Auditoriums.

Elk Grove New Exterior  On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 the Elk Grove Theatre opened four new stadium seating auditoriums. The theatre also added new “Carrara” Leather seats to all auditoriums.   With the new addition, the Elk Grove Theatre has a total of ten auditoriums.


 On March 12, 2012 all auditoriums were updated with Enhanced 4K Digital Projection & 7.1 Sound. As of August 16, 2013 all auditoriums are equipped with 7.1 Sound.




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