Atlas Obscura at the Tivoli Theatre 03/31/2019
Starting at 10:00am

  • Playing at:
  • Tivoli Theatre

Atlas Obscura presents Tour the Tivoli, the Wonder Theatre of Suburban Chicago on Sunday, March 31st at 10:00am to 12:00pm. Tickets are $20.00.


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Peek behind the curtain (and travel through a secret passageway!) of The Tivoli Theatre as you learn about its 90-year-old history, architectural style, and ever-evolving business operations.

Built in 1928, The Tivoli Theatre remains unique to Chicago for at least two reasons. First, The Tivoli was the second theatre in the U.S. designed and built to show "talkies" (the Brooklyn Paramount was the first). As a result, early newspaper ads promoted it as “the wonder theatre of suburban Chicago," where you could actually "hear what you see.”

The Tivoli Theatre also holds the distinction of being one of the last single-screen theatres in the Chicago area. Unlike many large movie theatres in the 1960s and 1970s, The Tivoli was never split into a multiplex, with multiple screens in multiple auditoriums.

As part of Atlas Obscura's 2019 Focus on Film series, join us for an exclusive tour of The Tivoli Theatre. After a brief presentation, we'll go behind the scenes of this unique and historic theatre—visiting its projection and sound booths, Wurlitzer pipe organ, backstage and below-the-stage spaces, and a secret passage that leads into the Tivoli Bowling Lanes.

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