Non-Fiction (Doubles vies)


French auteur Olivier Assayas probes the promises and pitfalls of art in the age of digital communication, in this comedy about a Parisian publisher (Guillaume Canet) and his successful-actor wife (Juliette Binoche) adapting to the new-media landscape.

Presented by After Hours Film Society at the Tivoli Theatre on Monday, July 15th at 7:30pm.

Presented by Select Pix at Lake Theatre on Tuesday, August 6th at 10am, 12pm and 7pm. Admission $6 matinee and $8.50 evening.

Presented by Select Pix at York Theatre on Wednesday, September 11th at 1pm and 7pm. Admission $6.50 matinee/senior and $9 evening.


Release Date: July 15th, 2019 Genre: Comedy Actors: Juliette Binoche, Guillaume Canet, Vincent Macaigne, Christa Théret, Nora Hamzawi Rating: R for some language and sexuality/nudity Runtime: 1:48
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