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Oscar Nominations

Naperville Community Television, Channel 17 ~ Friday, January 17, 2014

Naperville News 17 ~ NCTV17

The competition for Hollywood’s highest honor is steep with American Hustle and Gravity leading the pack with 10 nominations each.

“You have American Hustle which is nominated in all six of the major categories which is very hard to do, and Gravity which is a visual masterpiece,” said Mark Mazrimas the Marketing Director for Ogden 6 Classic Cinemas.

Every year the academy surprises us with some of their nominations.

“Jonah Hill as supporting actor for Wolf of Wall Street, we weren’t expecting that, one of the biggest surprises is Tom Hanks not being nominated for Captain Phillips and the one I am bummed about is Robert Redford in the roll of a lifetime for All Is Lost,” said Mazrimas. “When two actors on that level don’t get nominated, it really shows you how tough the categories are”.

Many critics say this is Leonardo DiCaprio’s year but Mazrimas disagrees.

“DiCaprio has never won, but I really think this is Matthew McConaughey’s year. He transformed himself for Dallas Buyers Club and stole scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street,” said Mazrimas.

The films are done and the academy has spoken now its time for the nominees to campaign.

“Now members of the Academy will vote, and actors vote for actors, directors for directors and so forth,” said Mazrimas.

And for those of us not fortunate enough to be apart of the Academy, Classic Cinema’s has a way for all movie lovers to get involved.

“Every year we have our predict the Oscars Competition, customers can come vote for seven major categories and get prizes,” said Mazrimas.

To take part in the contest you can pick up a ballot at Ogden 6.

NCTV17's Natalie Vitale Reports.

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