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How do I sign up for MovieTime Email(TM)?

Go to MovieTime Email™ on our website to sign up. Click on “Join Now.” Enter your email address, name, birthday, and choose the theatre(s) you want to receive show times for and hit “Join.” You will receive a thank you for joining letter, which will include a link to confirm your subscription. You will also start receiving our MovieTime Email™ with advance movie schedules every Tuesday. 
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My link to my personal account information doesn't work. What should I do?

If the link in your MovieTime Email(TM) is not a hyperlink or doesn't work, the reason may be that some email programs split the link onto two lines, breaking the link.  You will need to copy the entire link and paste it into your web browser's address window and hit the enter key.  Please pay close attention when you copy the link.  It should start with http:// and end with a minus sign followed by three, four, or five digits.

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My MovieTime Email(TM) is being delivered to my bulk/spam folder, what can I do?

You must designate newsletters@movie-previews.comas a safe sender and not Spam. 

Yahoo Users
Steps for a new member:
Go to
Click on "My Mail" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
You may need to sign in by entering Yahoo ID and password.
Enter "Contacts" folder on the left side of your screen.
Add Contact in the email section.
Click save in the upper right hand corner.

Steps for an existing member:
Check "Spam" folder on the left hand side of your screen for emails sent from
If you find one, open it, click "not spam" button at the top, and click "+Add" icon to the right of to "Add Sender to Contacts".
If you do not find one follow "Steps for a new member" above. 

AOL Users
Steps to retrieve an E-mail reported as Spam with AOL software:
Once an email is removied from the Spam folder, the AOL software will look for similar mail and make sure to place them in the New Mail folder instead.
Go to AOL Keyword: Spam Folder
Select the email you want to retrieve, then click the "This is not spam" button.

Steps to retrieve an E-mail reported as Spam with AOL Mail on web:
Go to
Enter your screen name and password, then click the "Sign On" button.
Click the "Spam" link.
Click the box next to the email you wish to retrieve to place a check mark in it.
Click the "This is not spam" button.

Non-Yahoo and Non-AOL users please contact your email provider for information about how to designate as a safe sender.

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What do I do if I am not receiving MovieTime Email(TM) and I have designated as a safe sender?

ISP's routinely update their email protocols and sometimes, emails you have been receiving in the past are no longer being received.  Please double check that is still on your safe list.  If it is, please notify us at so we may troubleshoot this issue.

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