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Can I use my gift card for pass restricted movies?

Yes. Gift cards are used like cash; therefore they can be used for pass restricted movies.


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Do gift cards expire?

No, gift cards never expire because Classic Cinemas participates in the Illinois State Treasurer's EverCash gift certificate program.


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In what denomination can I purchase gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased for any denomination between $10 to $100.  Gift cards can be purchased at the theatre or online.


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How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check your balance online by clicking Here!

You can also visit any Classic Cinemas theatre and they will provide you with the balance. 
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What do you do with your old movie posters?

We are contractually obligated to destroy all movie posters once we are done with them. So we do not sell any posters used in our theatres.


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